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Brisbane and Northern Suburbs Budgerigar Society Inc

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Brisbane and Northern Suburbs Budgerigar Inc., was formed as a results of the merger between the Sandgate Budgerigar Society and QBS (Queensland Budgerigar Society) Read the History HERE: images/stories/pdf/history of bnsbs.pdf


The aim of the society is:


  • to promote fellowship and harmony amongst our members
  • to encourage full participation within our club
  • to host informative monthly meetings
  • to host table shows, which will allow our members to bring birds along for assessment
  • to educate our members on the care, breeding and husbandry of the budgerigar
  • Hosting two main budgerigar shows each year - schedules are available prior to each show
  • Hosting pre selection shows for the National competition
  • a quarterly magazine is available to all financial members

Informative month meetings are held on the second Thursday of every month at the Lawnton Show Grounds Hall, starting at 7.15pm set up & full meeting starts 7.30pm - see Meetings page for more information.

Members, visitors & guests are welcomed to attend all meetings the duration of which is generally 1 + hours in length followed by a light supper.


Memberships are available at meetings or shows & form is can be downloaded from the website.


Random Pics

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